Use your Kindle as VNC viewer

I could mod my Kindle so I can now use it as screen for the Raspberry Pi.

This is what I did with my Kindle 4 NT:

  1. Jailbreak
  2. Install USBNetwork
  3. Get KindleVNC viewer
  4. Connect your Kindle via USB to a GNU/Linux computer. ssh into it like so (the root password doesn’t exist, you can type in anything): sudo ifconfig usb0 ssh root@
  5. Start the vnc viewer with /mnt/us/kindlevncviewer/ &
  6. Here is a script to autostart the viewer:
sudo ifconfig usb0
sudo x11vnc -scale 800x600 -display :0 &
sleep 8
sshpass -p asdf ssh root@ /mnt/us/kindlevncviewer/ &

Do not forget to enable USBNetworking, otherwise it won’t work. You can do so with KUAL.