ALSA, MPD and Pulseaudio output capturing

To be able to visualize my laptop’s sound output with a python script, I needed an extra audio input that made it possible to capture the system’s audio output.

Jimmie Deauth

Jimmie Deauth is a cheap and small ESP8266 WiFi deauthentication tool.

NixOS introduction

NixOS, “The purely functional Linux distribution”, takes a very innovative approach to system configuration. In classical distributions, configuration files are scattered around /etc with a different syntax each, and once you built your dream server configuration, you are afraid of forgetting something by starting over. NixOS solves this by a configuration.nix file that defines your complete system. Using this config, it is possible to manage a machine easily: You define the packages you need, the system services to start, or the user accounts to exist declaratively.

Installing Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi

My cheat sheet for deploying multiple Arch Linux machines, Raspberry Pis here. Installs pacserve, rngd and yaourt in a btrfs subvolume root. To allow local users to poweroff, polkit is also installed. Filesystem setup See also the Archlinux ARM guide. Change sdx to sdb/sdc/… sudo fdisk /dev/sdx sudo mkfs.btrfs /dev/sdx2 sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdx1 mkdir -p tmp/{r,b}oot cd tmp sudo mount /dev/sdx2 root sudo btrfs subvolume create root/root sudo umount root Copying the files Use ArchLinuxARM-rpi-2-latest.

Burning an Arduino's bootloader

Some long time ago, I bought some cheap Arduino LilyPad clones from Amazon. I spent weeks trying to get them work, but was heavily frustrated. No matter what I did, avrdude refused to upload my sketch: