Cue Sync Pro

Desktop app to migrate music file tags between Serato DJ and Algoriddim Djay.


NodeJS reader and writer for Serato DJ file meta data.
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one commit today

Website to count GitHub streaks and share stories during the Coronavirus crisis.


VS Code extension that fades the colors out until the user takes a break.


Kindle 4 modified to show a Magic Mirror 2 image as screensaver.
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An application to track foosball statistics and calculate player ratings.


A web application that watches a website for changes and sends a browser notification.


A Telegram bot that sends a notification when a train is being cancelled.
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Heart that vibrates until the button is pressed when it receives a message.

Brawl Time Ninja

An application that tracks Brawl Stars player statistics, calculates time spent and win rates.

Brawl Stats Live

Brawl Stars live stream analysis to detect scores and events.
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Jodel Elastic

Jodel post analysis using ElasticSearch and Kibana.
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Team project which is an app for personalizing timetables of my university.

Broken Talents Fun

Meta statistics website for the League-of-Legends-like game Vainglory.


Team project for interactive analysis for Vainglory players using custom ratings and machine learning.
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Simple reddit-like text aggregation platform for inside jokes.
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Integration of an LED controller and a Denon audio player into the home-assistant smart home project.


Contributions to multiple modules and packages.

Jimmie Deauth

Portable ESP8266 WiFi based deauthentication tool.

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Wireless LED strip controller

A PCB that exposes the controls of an LED strip to WiFi.

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LED music visualizer

LED strip controller that changes the color to the beat of the music.

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Team project which is a 3D printed magnetic car with working turning lights.

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Weather snowman

WiFi enabled snowman that changes colors based on the weather forecast.

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Internet is magic

LEDs for two figurines that show whether my friends are online.

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Snap! Your Own World

A fork of the Snap! programming language for an Open Street Map environment.

Snap! Build Your Own World

A fork of the Snap! programming language for a Minecraft-like environment.


Android app for personalized timetables of my school.


A raycaster for a Casio calculator.
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Casio calculator mod to play sound using the 3 pin serial output.
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Multiplayer tetris for the Casio calculator with emulated grayscale colors.
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